Want to feel like a city? Play Ceme Online

Ceme is a card game that uses dominoes. Is a game that adds up the dominoes you receive. Ceme gambling is usually played at a table where there is a dealer and a player. But now, land-based ceme idn poker terbaru gambling has disappeared. Ceme gambling lovers don’t need to worry anymore because now online ceme gambling is available. You can play it from anywhere safely and comfortably. Read this article that discusses online ceme gambling so that you understand how to play it.

How to Become an Online Ceme Gambling Dealer?

This game is an easy game. Online ceme gambling is only adding 2 ceme cards. The biggest card is the one that has a value of 9 and the lowest is 0. If you get the card value after adding up is situs idn poker online more than 9, then you just take the back just like for example you get cards 8 and 7, then the total card is worth 15, then the value of the card you are 5.

In online ceme gambling games, you are not only a player, but you can become a dealer or dealer by meeting the requirements of the site. Usually, to become a ceme dealer, it requires quite a lot of capital. In online ceme gambling games, there are 6 to 7 players who will fight the dealer.

The winning percentages owned by the player and the dealer are also the same, there is no difference. The only difference is the stakes. Here’s the explanation:


In online ceme gambling, players have the right to place any bets up to the limit determined by the online ceme gambling room. If the player gets the total of the 2 cards is 9, then the player is entitled to get 2 times the payment from the initial betting pair. If the player has the same card as the dealer, the player will die. If the player has a card value of 0, the player is also set to die.

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Dealer / City

To become a city, you need a lot of money to be able to accommodate 6 to 8 people. If the dealer has a total card value of 9, then the dealer will get all bets placed by the player but not multiplied by 2. If the dealer has the same card as the player, the dealer will also be counted as winning. If the dealer has a card value of 0, there is still hope for the dealer to win.

How to make a deposit to play

Of course, by playing online ceme gambling, you need an account to make a deposit. But before you get to that stage, try the following steps in stages:

Look for a trusted online ceme gambling site

To play online ceme gambling, you definitely need a special site that provides this game. To get it you can turn on the VPN so that your IP is not blocked or tracked so you play safely.

Register new account

After getting a trusted online ceme gambling site, you just need to register your name. Usually found on the first page on the online ceme gambling site to login or register a new account. Choose a new account list and enter the data they want. Also enter your account number which will be used to make deposits and withdrawals when you win later.

Initial Deposit

Make a deposit after getting your new account. Deposit is useful for playing ceme online. If your account has no balance, then you can’t play but just watch. If you don’t find an option to deposit, you can contact the live chat provided by the site to ask for help from them. The account given must also come from the same bank as the one you registered to avoid administrative deductions. When the balance has been filled, you are ready to play online ceme gambling.

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After winning playing online ceme gambling and you want to take all of your money, you just need to find an option to withdraw. If you don’t find it, you can ask the live chat which is available 24 hours there. Shortly after you confirm to withdraw a certain amount, your account will be filled with the balance from your account.

Play with a calm mind and in top shape. This is useful for you to stay focused while playing so you don’t experience losses. Keep up the enthusiasm when playing online ceme gambling, whether players or dealers, you can win.

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