Understanding How to Play Cockfighting Gambling

The cockfighting gambling game is a betting agen judi sbobet game that competes 2 chickens and they will fight like a battle between humans. This game may be foreign to gamblers. Because gambling players are more dominant in choosing gambling games with the card method.

Even though this type of bet is much more fun and stressful when daftar judi bola playing it, because this type of bet presents a very fierce battle and it’s a shame to miss it.

In this article, we will share with you about guidelines and procedures on how to play this type of bet.

Guide on How to Play Cockfighting Gambling

Before playing cockfighting gambling, it’s a good idea to listen to the following.

How to play

  • Before the fight starts you will be given 10 minutes to place the available bets.
  • In playing a cockfighting bet, you will be presented with a fight of 2 chickens commonly called Meron and Wala.
  • Each round will be given 10 minutes for the two chickens to fight.
  • The winner will be determined from which chicken will survive the given time.
  • If neither chicken loses until the allotted time runs out, it will be considered a draw.

Bet Provided

  • Meron : A bet that guesses that Meron’s rooster will be the winner in the fight.
  • Wala : A bet that guesses Wala’s chicken which will be the winner in Judi Slot Online Terpercaya the fight.
  • BDD : A bet that guesses the two fighting cocks will either fall or lose within the given time.
  • Usually when this happens the bet money for Meron, Wala or Wala will be returned.
  • FTD : A bet that guesses that neither of the two playing chickens will be a winner or a draw. In this case Meron, Wala and BDD bets will not be refunded.
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Available Features

  • In this bet you will be equipped with several features such as:
    Live Screen: A screen that serves to show the fight of the two chickens live.
  • Betting Panel: A menu that contains bets that have been provided in this bet.
  • History: A menu that contains the background of the chickens competing, such as how many matches have been played, weight and other data about the chickens.

Available Odds

In this bet there are several odds or values that are used to calculate how much the bet is, such as:

  • + 1.00 : If the bet you place is Rp. 100,000 and you win, you will get paid Rp. 100,000.
  • + 0.90 : If the value of the bet you place is Rp. 100,000 and you win, then the payment you get is Rp. 90,000

A short way to choose a good chicken

After you already know about how to play this bet, next we will share with you how to choose a good chicken in just a short time, namely:

Choose Based on Playing Record

The first way is the easiest way, namely by looking at the playing history of the chicken. Because in this bet, chickens that have high flying hours have a lot of experience, so don’t hesitate to choose chickens that have experience.

Choose a Chicken That Has a Big and Sturdy Body

The next way to choose a good chicken can be seen from the shape that has a large and sturdy, because the characteristics of a chicken that has a good defense and has a deadly attack is from its shape and posture.

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Chickens With Wide Wings

The last way to choose a chicken that is suitable for you to play with is a chicken that has a wider wingspan, because this can indicate the chicken has a very good mental and defense, usually a chicken that has a wide wingspan will be ready to fight it out until dead.

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