Tips to Improve Solid Play in Online Poker

If you want to be a solid poker player, you must be curious not about the steps that must be taken to become a solid player. Here we will give some simple tips to become such a player.

Let’s go straight to the tips:

Never Play Poker When Drunk

This first tip may be a little annoying, because we understand that some players daftar qqpoker99 like to smoke to improve concentration, but that’s not a good thing. However, if it is useful for you, you can give it a try.

We also don’t talk about over-the-counter drugs, caffeine, or energy drinks here. However, if all of that can help you concentrate and play much better, then go ahead.

The problem is alcohol. Many people like to relax and drink daftar bandarq it at night. Alcohol often causes problems by destroying your power of concentration.

This of course can cause you to be aggressive when you are playing which you shouldn’t. If this continued, the worst case would be a disaster.

And if you’re really drunk, you can be a bluff at the Poker table. Most likely you will get a big loss for being something you don’t want.

If you are disciplined and only taste it a little when playing Poker, then that’s even better. However, our advice is that you don’t try it, because that way your mind will be clearer, and your decision making will be more accurate.

Mental Focus at the Poker Table

The next main point is to maintain your level of focus. This does sound very simple, but if you fail, the consequences can be fatal.

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Research has also shown that if you focus on doing one thing, it’s a better decision, more focused, more adaptive, and so on.

The point is that you have to be focused and not easily distracted by anything other than what you are doing. Do one thing first until it’s finished, then you can replace it with another when it’s finished.

Here we are talking about Poker. This is a game with a very high level of focus. Except when something very urgent happens that requires you to leave.


When you are playing Poker, you just have to focus on playing it. Don’t let external distractions cloud your focus. Give this game the attention you deserve and at the end of the game it will also reward you.

Even if you can, try to add some games to the Poker table. Playing with multiple poker at once is a good experience for you. Trust me when you play more than one poker table, you won’t have time to do anything.

Note that we do not recommend it. What we hope is that you can play Poker with a sufficient number of tables, so that you can be constantly busy without thinking about anything other than playing Poker itself.

Know When to Quit a Poker Session

The last tip that you need to do to be able to play solid poker continuously is to know when to stop. If you have played Poker before then you will know how amazing the game is.

In fact, the type of game and the purpose of this game is nothing but to gain an advantage by knowing the limits.

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Because you know, it’s not good to be in a state of defeat. We all want it for the better, but it’s not a reality you can get all the time.

This is of course very annoying and also frustrating knowing you won’t be able to win it back. However, this is what can distinguish the best players from the best.

Some players often make mistakes from the smallest to the biggest and end up losing a lot of chips in one period.

This is why you should be able to gauge your mental state when things are not going the way you want. And in this case making a well-informed decision to continue or not is the best way.

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