These 3 Tricks Can Help You Beat the Online Soccer Dealer Bola

These 3 Tricks Can Help You Defeat Online Soccer Dealers – Do you always lose in soccer betting?

From now on you have to learn how to daftar dewa poker beat online soccer dealers with a surefire trick in placing soccer bets.

Everyone who wins or loses in playing soccer gambling is caused by 2 factors, namely:

1. Luck Factor 80%
2. Trick Factor In Betting To Win 20%

These two factors influence whether you win or lose a bet.

If you are lucky but don’t know the tricks in making bets, then the victory you have to get 1000% only becomes 20% of the capital.

That’s why you need to learn to develop your tricks in playing soccer gambling.

A trick can outsmart a bet in soccer gambling, at least the trick can make you not lose a lot.

A trick that you develop must be really accurate in daftar idn poker order to help you avoid defeat.

Sometimes for beginners who are still in the stage of learning to play, it will be quite difficult to think of a trick to win in soccer gambling.

But you can play using these 3 tricks, including safety bets, over/under bets, double bets, and consistently place bets on big clubs.

The advantages of these 3 tricks can change the percentage of the luck factor and betting tricks that were previously a 20% trick factor in betting to 50% so that another 50% is a luck factor.

Then what’s the trick?

OK, I’ll explain..

1. Safety Bet Over/Under Bet

This is a powerful trick that can help you at least not lose a lot by playing safety bets in Over/Under bets.

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This is the condition that you have to place a bet on “UNDER” with the score still 0-0 with a voor of +1.5, +2.5, +3.5, +4.5 and so on.

If the score of the match is only 0.5 difference then you must be prepared to make an over bet.

For example..

The match Manchester United vs Arsenal you place a bet under +1.5 in the first half.

Then the score is 0-1, then your score is 0.5, then you have to do safety by betting over at -1.50 or -1.75 but if the score is still without a goal, please let it go until you win.

2. Double the Bet

For this trick you must have enough capital, you can’t use a little capital.

Some players who play with big funds use this trick and it is proven that not a few of them can win with big values ​​too.

This way..

You just focus on 1 match you are aiming for..

For example..
Bayern Munich vs Wolfsburg 0:2 match you put Bayern Munich = 1000
If the score is still 0-0 at 0:1, please double the first bet = 2000
And if the score is still 0-0 in the second half then all you have to do is wait for the vooran left 0:1/2, please multiply it from the second bet = 4000 and so on.

If the score turns out to be only 1-0 for Bayern Munich, then the advantage you get..
First bet lose -1000
Second bet draw –
Third bet win 4000
The win you receive is 3000

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Easy isn’t it? even so this trick risks you losing a lot in a short time. So back to your luck.


3. Consistently Betting on Big Clubs

At this time betting on big clubs can not be a benchmark for winning in gambling.

You are wrong..

That statement is a big mistake if you are good at choosing the club.

In this trick, you have to be good at choosing a big club that is consistent in every game it plays.

For example, you can choose the Spanish giants last season, Real Madrid, which was quite consistent in winning with a big score.

The club that scores big in each match can cover the voor given to the opponent.

Let’s take an example:

La Liga has 38 matches, let’s assume you bet 5 million on Real Madrid every La Liga match..

Well the percentage of Real Madrid losing is only 10%
Real Madrid’s percentage of wins is 90%

At least in one season you will only lose 10 times the remaining 28 matches you win

Bet lost 5 million x 10 = -50 million
Bet win 5 million x 28 = 140 million
You still win 90 Million

How interesting is not it?

Besides you have to be good at choosing a club that can consistently achieve big wins, you also have to be consistent by choosing one club until the end of the season.

This is the trick we teach you to overcome Bandar Bola Online.

The tricks we teach are not tricks that can make you win 100%.

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