The Life of a Football Gambling Addict Wins Tens of Millions in One Night

Opium is an addiction, including watching football. Some people are willing to play agen judi online bets or soccer gambling for fun or for profit. This is how the story just happened.

I know him well. It’s natural to know that AC Milan is the home champion he lauds. Wherever he goes, AC Milan is always his dream. A relaxed Saturday, or a Sunday that should be lazy at home, he seemed unwilling to change the AC Milan shirt that was attached to his athletic body.

When viewed from the posture, he is a football player. When situs judi terpercaya we talk to him, we can’t move at all because of the ball information, who is playing well, who will be hit from which club, who is paid dearly, who is easily injured, or who has a lot of mistresses by women, he knows everything. What he doesn’t know is how to kick the ball!

There are such people. Exist. Ball theory should never argue with him. Playing tactics can be memorized well. Who will win tonight, he can predict easily. Why Ronaldo is always proud, he knows the gap to the form of the Portuguese player’s knees and hips. Why Messi is so small, he reads from smaller gestures – which everyone can understand – but he has a way of arguing.

What can’t be ordered, ask him to the ball field. The reason there is work. Tired of working. Being in a relationship even though he knows he is still single, it has always been a habit that is just like that. When others compete on August 17th, he is the number one critic. In his hometown soccer group, he provided input in long visions. Amazingly, everything he said, he predicted was true. The people of his village always depend on him when they are going to play football. He was not in the village, immediately returned to give full support.

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Long story short, about him, I will call him Sandiaga, often relaxing in a coffee shop on starry or cloudy nights. It’s impossible to just sit back. Sitting for hours is very possible because he will wait for AC Milan to play or Barcelona to lose while shouting louder. He doesn’t care about other people if Barcelona loses. He will jump up and down if AC Milan win.

And so on until he wanted more. Watching ‘ordinary’ football has become a daily food. Sandiaga is looking for a way so that long nights of staying up late are not in vain. He outsmarted himself to play small bets in the coffee shop. Whoever loses, that’s what will pay for the coffee. Whoever wins can ask for anything.

Starting with a cup of coffee, Sandiaga offered to proceed to, “How about 50 thousand Daftar Casino Online tonight?” several other youths agreed in a fiery passion. When the match started, the opponent’s movements were predictable, then Sandiaga chose which club. Village youths always salute him, Sandiaga’s guess is always right. Never been wrong or wrong.

The European Cup, the Asian Cup to the World Cup became an amazing nick for Sandiaga. However, boredom has come since the internet came. 50 thousand rupiah is no longer enough to have fun until morning comes. Although he continued to play with the village youths, Sandiaga looked for other opportunities to earn more.

From one site to another. From one group to another. Then meet a suitable friend. The lure begins. From guessing the score to the player who will score. From hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. From battered motorbikes to car rides. So continues the fun from Sandiaga.

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The nights he used to spend with the village youths at the coffee shop near the rice fields, were no longer lived. The flight time is high. The coffee shop that he is ‘relaxing’ is already in the city center. There were already many people arguing over who won and lost. Sandiaga started betting, Rp. 10 million, then, Rp. 35 million, and on other long nights, he dared to play at Rp. 100 million.

Money is no longer everything for Sandiaga. He kept looking for more. However, from having fun as a football watcher he has gained a lot of advantages. The car has been bought. The house has been built. Enough savings already. Family is nothing short of anything.

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