Soccer Odds Secret Code

The development of online gambling is growing rapidly almost all over the world, including Indonesia. Various online gambling sites have sprung up, making many agen judi bola online people curious to find the best sites. One of the most sought after is soccer gambling. With the existence of online gambling games, football betting lovers have made it easier to vent their hobbies in following football betting.

For lovers of online soccer gambling, of course, you are judi online familiar with the term odds. These odds are often referred to as kei which is the value of soccer betting. In betting, these odds values ​​differ from one another. The higher the odds on a team, the team will be the winning team. Therefore you must understand the value of these odds if you want to win the bet.

Usually odds are set by numbers and sometimes plus and minus signs (+-). It can be concluded that odds are an opportunity in the form of a decimal number and affect the income that will be obtained. Odds can also be referred to as khei in the form of a minus number (-). The odds value can also be interpreted as a measuring tool for a team that will compete. Where the odds value is created to run a fair soccer betting system between the two parties.

Not only that, in terms of soccer gambling it is also known as handicap or better known as voor / vooran. Handicaps are also in the form of decimal numbers that we can find in only a few types of bets. If the odds are made to provide a fair system of betting. While the handicap value is more directed to the outcome of the match.

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In this article, we will explain how to win online gambling and understand the odds. Here’s the explanation.

Tricks to read the football market

– 0-0.5 = Voor 1/4
– 0.5 = Voor 1/2
– 5-1 = Voor 3/4
– 1-1.5 = Voor 1 1/4
– 5 = Voor 1 1/2
– 5-2 = Voor 1 3/4
– 2 = Voor 2
– 2-2.5 = Voor 2 1/4

Reporting from, if you want to win soccer bets, Daftar Sbobet Casino there is a special trick that must be understood, namely by looking at two odd odds. For example, the match Chelsea vs Liverpool Over 2.5 has Odds of 2.18 while Over 2.5-3 has Odds of 1.71. Please hurry to bet Over 2.5 with Odds 2.18 as soon as possible.

This is indeed rare, but it is always present in a marketed game. Therefore you have to be observant with these odd odds in order to win the bet.

Then you can observe a draw match that has high odds by receiving a big poor like Everton vs Liverpool. Where Everton – 1.5-2 Odds 1.71 and Liverpool +1.5-2 Odds 1.71. If you find odds like that, then please choose Liverpool +1.5-2 Odds 1.71. This is a trap for you to choose or hold Everton.

From the observations made so far, when odds with suspicious poor are mostly won by voor givers. Therefore, if you find strange odds like this, please bet as soon as possible to win.

Strategy how to win parlay

There are several types of markets that soccer gamblers are interested in, including the under over market. In addition to those two, there is also a parlay or mix parlay. Mix parlay is also known as mixed bet. This is because bettors can choose several matches at once in 1 round with a minimum of 3 matches.

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Mix parlays are in great demand because the profits obtained are greater than other markets when winning bets. Here are several ways to win a parlay, as reported by various sources.

1. Analyze each team you choose
2. Try to choose 3 matches from different leagues
3. Select or place a bet on the o/u type to make betting easier. Because gamblers will only guess the match score
4. Consistent to play only on top teams
5. Avoid placing bets more than five teams

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