Reasons Why Always Lose Playing Online Gambling

Playing Baccarat continues to lose, this is the solution for you

The reason why you always lose playing online gambling – In 1953, on April 13, a James Bond book, entitled Casino Royale, was published. In the book there is a quote that says “At gambling, the deadly sin is to mistake bad play for bad luck”. I mean, in gambling, the deadliest sin is making the decision to equate bad play with bad luck.

Reasons Why Always Lose Playing Online Gambling

Whether 10 people, 1000 people, or 10 million people who step on and dare themselves to gamble, of course they have a target to aim for a win. However, often it is not the victory that is obtained but always approaches the gamblers poker online uang asli when they are playing. As the proverb said above, it states that almost everyone must blame their own fate and claim that the defeat was caused by those who had bad luck.

But there is something you should know is, if you fail, don’t just stand there. Doing nothing will only make the situation worse than before. Maybe 10 people who play only one can win if they only rely on luck when playing online gambling.

You must know that if you play by relying on luck daftar situs poker will only bring you closer to a big loss and eventually the word “why always lose?”. Well, for those of you who are experiencing the same thing, this time you are reading the right article. Here are some reasons why you always lose when playing online gambling.

Why Always Lose Playing Online Gambling?

“Is there something wrong with the game I’m playing?”, of course, is still a question that has never been solved by ordinary online gamblers. You need to know that there is no game or gambling that always loses, what is there is that you yourself are the cause of the defeat.

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Playing Without Knowledge of the Game

Most people can lose continuously from a gambling is because they do not master the game. No matter how easy the game you want to play, of course you have to master the tricks and guidelines about the game first. The flow of the game, how do you not know, how can you win?

For example, like a soccer game, when you see other people playing soccer, it’s very easy, isn’t it? If you are not a soccer player, try to kick it yourself, can you be that agile? Of course not, Definitely need training. The same thing as playing gambling, you must often practice and master the game you want to play, from a small table or you learn it from offline gambling game first.

Lust & Greed

In any game, winning or losing has become a thing that will definitely happen, but are you surprised if you never win?

Winning is indeed the main goal that is targeted by gamblers, and losing is like the holes in the damaged road that you must avoid. Actually, it’s not that you never win, but there are lots of gamblers who are too greedy and waste the victory that is in front of their eyes.

Those of you who are currently reading this article, try to be honest, are you targeting a high win? if you don’t win a lot, you don’t want to withdraw? That’s the biggest mistake of all of you. Why do you have to win big and just pull? The difference from pulling a little but many times with pulling a lot but once where? Shouldn’t you be looking for safety?


When you can’t guess when you can win and when you can lose, then when there is a victory, the victory is immediately withdrawn, not because greed which should have become a victory instead becomes a multiple defeat of the victory already in hand.

Thus our review of the causes of online gambling defeats. Don’t underestimate the explanation we have given, you can try to play again by remembering what we have explained from this article. Hopefully the article described is useful for those of you who always experience defeat when playing online gambling. Good luck and good luck.

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