Poker Gods Give Special Techniques to Win Playing Poker Online

Maybe there are many of you who are still beginners in online poker games but want to try playing real money online poker for Android on the Dewa Poker Indonesia agen 1gaming website. Below we as a 10000 deposit online poker agent would like to give you some tips to win playing online poker for you to increase your winning presentation. Read the following description.

Patience is the key to victory

Often you are too hasty in determining and causing mistakes. In case you have situs gaple almost any queries with regards to wherever and tips on how to use Judi Online, it is possible to contact us on the web site. Examples are placing a bet with a very large chip value, even though you actually have a small handcard.

Even though there are actually no players who always win in the game, once they get a card that looks big when the initial card is distributed. Because in the poker game the intent of the player is to combine 2 cards in the hand with 5 cards opened by the dealer.

Sometimes players are too excited and too confident with the cards that are distributed at the beginning of the game after seeing a fairly large handcard, and then choose ALL IN. However, what happens is that the card he has is not the same as the 5 cards that are open on the table and in the end he loses the game and loses all the chips that are installed.

Therefore, it is better for you to be more patient and wait for the 5th card to open so that you can confirm whether the card you have is in accordance with and in accordance with the mix of barista cards that are open in that round.

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Play with the necessary chips

Play with as many chips as the most important side. Why so? Because the average player is in a hurry to play at an online poker agent, a 10000 deposit by bringing capital to the betting table is too large.

The example is like a player who has 1,000,000 chips and chooses to play in a room with at least 20,000 bets, but he plays in that room with all his chips which are 1,000,000.

Even though in fact the player only brought chips as needed in the amount of 300,000 or 200,000. This is the initial cause that makes bettors feel bankrupt or run out of all chips. Therefore, it is better for you to bring the chips according to the proper rations so that you are not able to lose big.

Bluffing or Bluffing Techniques

In playing the most trusted online poker 2018 and then getting a bad agen resmi sbobet card that doesn’t match your wishes? Calm down don’t worry. The bluffing technique is the last option that you can use when in a pinch because you find a hand card that doesn’t match.

Bluffing aimed at this place is bluffing other players by increasing the value of the bet (Raise), by tricking other players into thinking that you have a good card, and then they fold.

However, here we warn you not to use this technique often. Why so? Because this technique includes enough there is a risk for yourself. If you do this bluffing technique and it turns out that other players have a higher combination card than you, defeat should befall you.


Those are 3 techniques for winning and avoiding losses that you should know before playing on a 10k deposit online poker blog. After knowing how to win online cc poker, you can certainly increase your winning percentage.

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