Online Slot Game Terms That Are Current

Apart from observing the payline pattern, you can also understand the explanations and meanings of all terms that apply in online slot machine games. By understanding the online slot gambling site, the explanation of the meaning of the term will also be better able to determine the right bet value.

Predict the next payline pattern and many more online slots for those of you who want to know what these terms are and here is an explanation and details:


Your bet is a certain bet value and is determined by the player for 1 time from the spin.


The payline is a pattern that shows whether the pictures spin and form a desired pattern from an online slot machine.

If the image that forms from the payline pattern then from that the promo bonus 100 member baru slot player will also get paid in the presence of a certain amount of susesi with how high of the value of the resulting pattern.

Bet features

The bet feature itself is one of the special features found in slot machine games on Indonesian online slot sites. This feature will appear when these players manage to get a certain number of wins.

By using it to double profits by betting the winnings that have been obtained. So the player can win multiple times or even spend the money that has been won.


It is a logo or symbol or image that can be used by players to replace all images from slot machine games except scatters.

The use of the wild is to make such a random pattern become a payline pattern. Therefore players who have wilds but the result of the round do not form a payline can change the result to the pattern of the payline.


Jackpot Progfresif

The biggest jackpot which is the main prize of progressive online slot machine games. This jackpot is also collected from all bets that have been placed by all players on a machine. The value also does not stop and increases before being won by the player.

Jackpot Normal

This jackpot is also an additional prize that is considered not as big as the progressive jackpot because the value does not continue to increase and from the player’s bet. The jackpot value has also been determined from each slot machine game and is based on the number of bets that the player has placed on each spin.


A bonus is a very special additional gift from online slot machine games. This bonus can also be in the form of many things that are so diverse in each slot machine game and the most common bonuses are free spins and lucky boxes.

To increase your insight into playing, of course, you also have to know in understanding every online slot game available. With the terms above also for you to read from the pattern to continue to improve the presentation of your winnings.

When betting later, you are also at least obliged to know about all the terms that we have been conveying at this time.

Play wisely so that the game you have played can bear such good fruit. The benefits you get will also be very beneficial for yourself and in the future.


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