How to Win Playing Roulette with Real Money Prizes for Beginners

On this occasion we will explain how to win playing roulette with real Daftar Casino Sbobet money prizes to players who want to get all these advantages.

As we all know, this roulette gambling game itself has spread and is widely known both in Indonesia and other Asian or European countries.

Because the game is very interesting and in demand from various Daftar Situs Casino circles of upper class to lower class gamblers, making this game interesting and different from other casino gambling is that it is played on a small wheel containing a number of numbers from 0 – 36.

In today’s era we can also play roulette gambling practically online, because the presence of a casino gambling site really helps players channel their hobbies safely and comfortably. Only by doing one easy step, namely registering an account on the casino gambling site, you can play and bet.

How to Win Playing Roulette with Real Money Prizes

Of course, to get a win, it will certainly be done with various online gambling agents in various ways by each player, in the following explanation we will provide several ways to win playing roulette.

Before we go further, we will understand the process of winning roulette gambling for players who want to get benefits like real money. Therefore, you must understand the type of bet and the nominal payment when you win on the bet.

Black & Red: Determines the black and red colors on the output numbers from the results of the roulette wheel spin, profit 1: 1.
Big & Small: Bet on big numbers 19 – 36 or small 1 – 18 only, profit 1 : 1.
ODD & Even: Not much different from other options, where we are only required to bet on the next output number that is included in the odd or even category, and get a 1:1 profit.
Dozen Bet: Bet on 12 numbers at once such as 1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12 options and payout 1: 2.
Coloum Bet: Betting 12 numbers at once is also not much different from a dozen bets, for example 2 to 1 or 2 – 1. Payout 1: 2.
Line Bet: Bet only 6 numbers close to each other and pay points 1 : 5.
Corner Bet: Betting only 4 numbers at a time and pay points 1: 8.
Street bet : Betting on 3 numbers at once and payout points 1 : 11.
Split Bet : Install on 2 numbers only and prize points 1 : 17
Straight Bet : Only bet on 1 number and prize points 1: 36.
After mastering and understanding well all types of betting number choices can be paired to get a win, therefore players can also immediately determine the choice of all these numbers.

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Besides we have provided an explanation of every type of bet that can agen slot online terbaik be placed when reading how to win playing roulette, players can also learn tips for betting accurately as well.

Tips for Betting Live Roulette

Here we will share a few tips on betting live roulette accurately and correctly so that when betting players do not get into trouble.

Make sure and determine the player’s initial playing capital is sufficient to carry out several rounds at the table.
Don’t be tempted to pay for the straight bet option, because it is very detrimental to players if you bet big on only 1 number.

Try to bet on many choices and use only small bets.
Read and analyze the history of previous games to make a decision on what steps to take next.
That’s how to win playing roulette with real money, we convey in full to players and readers who want to try their luck.

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