How to win lots from slot machines

How to win lots from slot machines

Who doesn’t want to make a fortune playing online gambling or slot machines? Surely you all want to get big profits in playing online gambling. Regardless of you playing trusted gambling slots to unwind or looking for an additional income, it cannot be denied that your small heart says “I want to win or profit”.

Basically you need to remember again that in a trusted gambling slot game there are such things as Lose and Win, with this if you have ever lost it doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance to win. Vice versa, if you have experienced victory in a gambling game, surely you have also experienced a defeat.

On this occasion, we would like to share a few tips and tricks that you might use when trying to make a profit or a win from online gambling. One way to be able to profit a lot from playing judi slot bonus terbesar is by playing slot machines. If you are asking whether you can make a lot of money from slot games, the answer is YES.

Want to know the secret, keep on following this article until it runs out.

Slot Machines

Slot machines are games that have been around since the 19th century, continue to experience innovation to allow players to have the opportunity to get big prizes or profits. Currently, you can play slot machine games or spin machines yourself on several gambling platforms such as SBOBET, 368BET, and IBCBET.

These hidden prizes are usually called JACKPOT. So if you want to play slots don’t be half-assed, but aim for the hidden JACKPOT in this slot machine game.

If you play slot machines on an online gambling platform, you will find many types of slot games, which in the end make you confused. There is no need to worry if you are a new player, what you need to pay attention to when choosing a slot game is:

Which slot machine has the most Free Spin bonuses?

Is the difference between Free Spin and JACKPOT?

Tips Professional

Professional slot machine players are certainly not arbitrary in choosing games. Usually professional players will seek in-depth information for slot games. Given that slot machine games are numerous and varied, the way to determine the right slot machine game is to distinguish:


For those of you who don’t know what Free Spin is, this is a free spin that is given free of charge by the slots machine you are playing. How do I get Free Spin? Most slots games will give you a Free Spin when you successfully form a formation or match an image on the slot machine.

Of course, every slot machine game has different rules for getting Free Spin. We will give an example on one of the following Slot Machine games.

If we look at this picture is a collection of information on the prizes that you can get. As for information about Free Spin, we will focus on the Scatter or what we have given a purple label. You can get Free Spin if:

  • Successfully sequence at least 3 Scatter images in one slot rotation
  • If you succeed in sorting 3 Scatter pictures with prizes of 250 thousand, a one-time Spin fee of 5 thousand.
  • Having a formation of 3 Scatter pictures will get 15 Free Spin times
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This is what is called Free Spin, once again we inform you that each game has different rules for getting the Free Spin.


If previously we have provided an overview of Free Spin, then we want to provide information related to JACKPOT. In contrast to Free Spin, the name JACKPOT is when you succeed in sequencing 5 images in one spin or spin.

To get the JACKPOT prize, you have to go back to see the related information in a slot machine game. We will try to help you explain what is called JACKPOT with an image.

From the picture, with a one-time fee of 5 thousand, you can get a variety of JACKPOT prizes. What are the benefits of getting JACKPOT from slots machine games?

With a capital of 5 thousand per turn, you have the opportunity to get a JACKPOT from 500 thousand to 45 million

The greater your capital for one turn, the JACKPOT prize will be even greater.

With these lucrative JACKPOT prizes, of course playing slot machines will greatly open your chances of reaping huge profits. Next we will help you how to play slot machines properly.

Tricks and How to Play the Correct Slot Machines

If previously we have provided tips on choosing and getting to know a slot machine game, then we will provide a trick that you can apply in this game.

Basically, slot machine games have a huge effect on the strength of your capital. The bigger your capital, the more profit you can get. Can slot machine games be played with a small capital? Of course, I can. You simply lower the value of the bet or Spin bet before making a spin or pulling the slot machine lever.

In addition, you need to take into account risk management. What is the risk management of a slot machine game? This risk management is that you have to play consistently regarding the risk of losing. Remember the name of the game, there must be something like losing and winning, so you really need to apply this risk management to minimize losses.

How to? We will provide a simulation calculation below:

  • If you have a capital of 500 thousand to play slot games then what you have to do:
  • Set the Bet or Spin bet to 5 thousand for one spin
  • By setting the bet or bet to 5 thousand, then you have 100 times the chance to spin
  • If in 100 spins you have made a profit of 250 thousand, then currently your money is 750 thousand
  • Keep setting the Spin bet or bet at 5 thousand for one spin, and look for a profit of 250 thousand again
  • By still setting the spin bet of 5 thousand, you actually have the opportunity to spin 150 times
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Re-target that you have to cover your initial capital of 500 thousand, hereby see points in no. 4
After successfully returning your capital, if you withdraw or Withdraw the balance, you will get a profit of 100%

But what if your capital is only 50 thousand? Look for slot machine games that can provide a one-time Spin fee of 500 rupiah, because again you should be able to target to do 100 Spin times of your total capital.

If you are interested in playing this slot machine game, register yourself immediately by contacting our live chat.

Game Preparation

If you have entered a slot game, of course, the first thing you must have is a number of game credits. Replenishing the game credit balance is known as a deposit. When making a deposit into a slot game, you will later send a certain amount of funds to the account where the online gambling agent you have registered. A minimum of filling in the deposit balance on your game account can be started from 50 thousand rupiah.

When your game balance is successful, then you will be able to play the slot game you want. You can access most of these slot machine games via your computer or directly from your smartphone. Meanwhile, whatever type of slot machine game you play, all of them have been operating for 24 hours. So that when you have free time, you don’t need to worry about not being able to play slot machines.

In discussing the events of this game, there are several points that we will convey related to tutorials and information on slot machine games. The explanations include:

  • Spin
  • Bet Setting
  • Auto Spin
  • Balance
  • Total Bet
  • Win


The Spin or spin button is a command that you perform to play the image on the slot machine. If you have ever seen a slot machine at a casino, then this is the same as a button or lever that can be pulled on the slot machine.

Once you press the spin button on a slot game in an online gambling game, the bet is already running and of course it cannot be canceled or canceled. With this, you have to be more careful again to determine the cost of the bet or bet for one turn.

Maybe for those of you who have never played slots in an online gambling game, you certainly don’t know what the Spin button looks like. You can see the spin button in the picture.

Bet Setting

Bet Setting is an option where you can set a bet fee for one turn. This is a somewhat crucial arrangement. Why is that? If you don’t set the Bet Settings in a slot machine game, it can cause your game funds or credits to run out quickly.

Where can you adjust the Bet Settings? To set it is in the box in the picture.

If you want to lower the bet or bet for each Spin made, then you can click the (-) sign, otherwise if you want to increase the bet, you can press the (+) sign. For the nominal on slot machine games, of course, follow the credit unit in your game balance.

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In each slot game, of course, there are differences in how to adjust the bet settings, we hereby remind you that you first look for the game information column.

Auto Spin

Auto Spin is an option where you can spin the slot machine automatically. Usually the Auto Spin option is next to Manual Spin. To find out the Auto Spin button you can see in the picture.

The way the Auto Spin feature works is usually for one press, the machine will rotate at least 10 times. If you accidentally press the Auto Spin button, then you can stop it manually, but for the rounds that have occurred it will still be counted by the machine.

Given that there are various types of slot machine games, you should check carefully with regard to the type of slot game you are playing.


Gamble is an option where you can multiply your profits. You can find this option in several types of slot games by pressing the settings button. In the pictures we have provided.

The name alone is Gamble, where you can bet to make the next bet. This Gamble option appears when you successfully get a win from each round. As for the type of Gamble that is carried out, of course it is different for each slot machine.


If you look at the picture, you can see that it says Balance. This is the credit information you currently have. The credit will automatically change as you order Spin and when you get a profit.

Total Bet

Total Bet is information that will automatically change when you change your Bet Settings. This will inform you of the fees charged when you do the Auto Spin. In the picture written is 1.00. Why are you being charged a bet of 1.00, because you have set the Bet Settings for each Spin of 0.10.

History Spin

Spin History is a report where you can see the entire list of bets on the slot games you have played. With this feature, you can re-correct your game.

To be able to see the spin history, you can click the button shown in the image.


Win is an information of the winnings that you get. This information menu will later change when you have succeeded in forming an image formation according to the rules for the type of slot machine game you are playing.

Special note

We have tested all the information above and are actually in accordance with the type of slot game. Following that slot machine games have different ways of playing, then you have to be more careful about how to play them.

The most striking differences you can possibly see from:

  • Minimal bet
  • Image pattern
  • Free Spin
  • Jackpot

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