How to Play on the Trusted Real Money Online Sakong Gambling Site

Samgong Or Sakong Online Game Rules

This game starts with the players placing bets on the online samgong or sakong table. 3 cards will be dealt to each player at the table including the dealer. Card scoring by adding up the three cards in the hand and taking the final value of the number of cards. The smallest card value is the number suffix to the 3 cards is 1 (one) and the largest is a multiple of 10 (zero). As for some special card combinations are as follows.

Card 3 aces (three Ace).

This card is a card with a combination of 3 aces. Example of a card combination A + A + A.

Card 3 pictures of the same / samgong or sakong (three pictures)

This card is a card with a combination of 3 cards with the same image. Examples such as 3 combination cards KKK, QQQ or JJJ.

3 cards number 10.

This card is a card with a combination of 3 numbers 10. An example of a combination of 3 cards is 10, 10, 10.

Cards 3 pictures but different (random).

This card is a card with a combination of 3 images that contain at least 1 image that is not the same as the others. Examples such as 3 combination cards JQK, JJK or QKK etc.

the total card value fits in the number 10.

This card is a card with a total value of 3 cards that fit in the number 10 or 20. Examples of card combinations are 5+3+2, 4+3+3, 8+A+A, 9+A+10.

another card with a final value other than 10 (1-9)

This card with a total of 3 cards, the final total value is between the numbers 1-9. Examples of combinations are A+10+J (total value 21 = smallest value 1), 8+7+9 (total 24 = 4) or A+9+6 (total 16 = 6).

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These are some of the rules for playing online samgong or sakong. After you link alternatif sbobet know the rules and how to play, the next step is to register on a trusted online gambling site. The following is about registering on an online gambling site before playing your online samgong or sakong gambling.

Register on a Trusted Online Gambling Site.

Play Samgong or Sakong online gambling for real money on genuine and trusted online bookie sites only. Because it will guarantee payment for each of our wins and the jackpot that we get in this online Samgong Sakong gambling game. Choose a site by paying attention to several things as discussed in other articles on this site. After registering, you are guaranteed to get all the promos and bonuses promised by trusted online gambling sites without hidden conditions.

How to Play Samgong or Sakong Online Gambling Real Money on Trusted Gambling Sites.

After you register and get your ID, you can fill in a deposit by making a transfer through the bank you registered. The purpose of the transfer is also usually clearly written on the online idn poker agent site. This deposit is then for you to play this online Samgong Sakong game. After you fill in the balance, choose on your gambling site the category of card games or card games. In the card games section, you can enter Sakong or Samgong online or three pictures according to the name of each site.

Choose a table with a bet that suits your abilities. Also remember to always buy the jackpot before the game round begins. This is so that if you get one of the special card combinations as we discussed earlier, you are entitled to get the jackpot. The jackpot on every game on the site is not always automatic, but you must buy a jackpot ticket. This jackpot ticket is usually found in the betting corner or around the betting menu

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That’s all about how to play on this trusted real money online Samgong or Sakong gambling site. Hopefully it can add information for those of you who are familiar with this game. For those of you who are new to this game, hopefully it can become your new favorite gambling game.

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