How to Play Blackjack Online No Need Big Capital

Hello online gambling players, on the occasion given this time we will share a discussion on how to play blackjack online, you don’t need agen hokibet99 big capital. Because at this time a lot of players spend so much but never get a profit instead get a loss.

Blackjack gambling is one of the games in the live casino category with quite a lot of fans, because this game is famous for its very easy guide and has a very large win rate.

At first the blackjack game could only be played at certain casinos sbobet deposit pulsa abroad such as Las Vegas, Macau and so on, but this would create a very large capital and also waste a lot of time on the way to the country.

But in this day and age, this doesn’t need to be done anymore, because now the technology is sophisticated and you can play blackjack online. Then all players will not spend so much money to be used as initial capital.

Besides blackjack gambling there are other games in the casino such as dragon tiger, baccarat, roulette, sicbo, fantan, but this article is specifically how to play blackjack online specifically for players.

Understanding How to Play Blackjack Online For Players
In how to play blackjack online, it will be very similar when players are in a live casino, because each bettor will get the first 2 cards for the value to be added up and then pitted with the dealer’s card to find a win.

If the number of your cards is greater than the dealer, you are sure to be the winner in that round and get a prize, then for the highest value, which is 21, if it exceeds 21, you will immediately lose.

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If during the distribution of the first 2 cards the dealer gets a blackjack or 21 card, then all players betting will immediately lose and the capital will be withdrawn and the game will continue in the next round.

It is certainly very easy for players to learn how to play blackjack online, we convey, in this discussion we will also explain some of the terms used to facilitate the process of betting playing cards online.

Some Important Terms In Betting Playing Cards Online


Hit is an option to add a card with a maximum use of 3 times, this menu can be used when the card value is still far from 21.


Stand is an option when he has received a card to complain to the dealer and can win, but after choosing a stand he can no longer add cards.

Double Down

The way to play double down online blackjack is to add 2 times the betting capital, but with the condition that you add 1 card and can’t add any further.


Split is a menu option that can be used when bettors get 2 cards of Daftar Situs Judi Bola Resmi the same value or twins, so this split option serves to separate the 2 cards into 2 different bets.


Insurance or in Indonesian, namely insurance can be used when the dealer gets an ace card in the first distribution, if the dealer really gets a blackjack then the insurance will be paid 2 times. But if not blackjack then the insurance will be lost.


Surrender is an option when the player feels that his card cannot beat the dealer, then he can choose surrender and then only lose some capital.

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Thus the discussion this time about how to play blackjack online does not need big capital, hopefully interesting discussions can make players more leverage when betting. Thank you.

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