How to Play and Win at Capsa Online

Let’s talk about online capsa at the casino. Capsa Susun may be a little different from what you usually know about a game that has the word “poker” in its name. First of all, this game does not use chips because there is no money or stakes. Though of course, it is always possible to bet on whether a particular player will win or not. In this how to play poker article, we will cover details on how to play Capsa Susun as well as general Capsa Susun tips to help you improve.

Where to play Capsa Susun?

There are many trusted online capsa gambling sites idn poker terbaik that offer Capsa Susun in their product portfolio. The best of them is W88. This site offers online capsa stacking gambling, great playing environment, super bonuses and operates in Indonesia. We 100% recommend it!

Here are some capsa online gambling sites where you can play Capsa Online with real money:

The first thing to remember for those who are familiar with other forms of poker is that Capsa Susun uses the same hands for value calculations. This is a game for a maximum slot online terbaik of four players and at the start of the game, the entire deck of cards is dealt so that each player has 13 cards. If there are three players, the cards are still dealt to four people and the fourth hand is discarded and is not used. In a two-player game, each player receives two hands, one for the current round and one for the next although players can only see the hands they are currently using.


After the cards are dealt, the player must divide them into three smaller sub-hands consisting of five cards, five cards and three cards. These should be organized into poker hands and the lowest value card is the one that contains only three cards. Three-card hands can only consist of a high card, a pair or three of a kind. There is no straight or flush in a three-card hand.

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Value calculation

Once the players decide how they want to arrange their hands, they are compared to the rest of the players. Each winning hand is worth one point and if all three hands win it is called a scoop and is worth an additional three points for a total of six. It’s tradition to only count the net gain in points, so if Player A scores one point and Player B scores two then it’s easier to say that Player B has scored one point and that Player A has nothing.

In three and four player games, each player’s hand is compared to every other player. This can make scores difficult to track but there are ways to simplify it. Determine that each player is responsible for calculating their own score against every other player. Daftar Situs Judi Bola Then, after the match is over, each player will calculate their total points and the one with the most will be declared the winner. The next way to avoid confusion is to check each player’s score individually. Usually the dealer starts first to compare their hand with the player on their left and the next one on the left and so on. After the dealer is done, the player to their left does the same in the same order. There’s no need to check their hands against the dealer because it’s already done.


Capsa Susun Tips

Like every other type of Poker, Capsa Susun is a matter of studying your opponents. However, the main difference here is the choices other players can make. In other Poker games, it’s just a matter of collecting hidden clues. And learning to read your opponent is a matter of trying to figure out whether at that point in time to concede, match the bet or increase the bet. In Capsa Susun, players can choose where they put their hands. So if you know that a player likes to play their strongest hand in the middle, it might be a good idea to put your weakest hand and sacrifice points unless you have something really good. Look for patterns and never share what you did because the things other people do subconsciously are the easiest to take advantage of, and only get caught once they realize it’s happening.

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