Playing Baccarat continues to lose, this is the solution for you

For beginners who are still new to the world of online betting. Want to play judi sbobet but don’t know where to start, then dragon tiger can be the best choice as an opener.

This game itself turns out to be very popular with players because of the simple rules of the game. Where the task of the player is to guess the dragon or tiger then get a high card.


This dragon and tiger game itself turns out to also use a set of playing cards fortunebet99 like a poker game. But to determine what the largest and smallest values ​​are quite different. Where the king card is the card that has the highest value while the US card is the card with the lowest value.

This game itself is one of the games that is quite easy to understand. We will not find it difficult to get a win in this game. This is not without reason because not all sites can be trusted just like that.

The first thing that players must do is to place a bet on the dragon, tiger or tie options. Then a dealer will immediately distribute cards to the players in the dragon and tiger positions. As for knowing who will be the winner, it may be a little different.

Because the winners in this dragon tiger are those who have the highest value. But if the results of the dragon or tiger are the same then the result will be declared with a tie. As previously explained, in this game the king card is the highest card.

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Terms used in the game dragon tiger:

Odds : Total winnings if correct
Odds: Cards with even numbers
Even: Odd number card
Black : The card is black
Here are the instructions for the dragon tiger game so that players can understand it more easily:

Players can place bets on dragon, tiger or tie options (dragon, tiger or tie).
The dealer will distribute one card each to the dragon and tiger positions.
After that, to find out who the winner between the dragon or tiger who has the highest value Daftar Judi Casino will be declared the winner. However, if the dragon or tiger have the same value then the result is declared a tie.
The king card has the highest value while the ace card has the lowest card value.
In this game, the victory will be counted 1:1 (for example: the player puts up Rp. 100.000,- and wins the game then will get Rp. 100.000.- (the player will not get a discount from the dealer).
If in this game the player gets a tie it will be counted 1: 8.
In the dragon tiger game, the player will not get a discount from the dealer if the player wins by guessing the dragon or tiger, but if the player has a tie, the bet amount on the dragon or tiger will be reduced by 50% as a commission. While the rest of the player’s winnings will be given to the player.

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