Guide to Playing Super Ten Poker For Beginners

One type of online poker gambling game that may be known by many people besides the Texas Hold’em game is Super Ten. Of course for some people who have been playing gambling for a long time, they are definitely no stranger to this type of game. Yes, this game is inspired by agen superten other gambling games known as Samgong or Three Picture, but what sets it apart in this super ten game is that the game is only played by fellow players, in contrast to samgong where there are dealers who play.

As the name implies, Super Ten, the highest value in this game is also worth 10 and the calculation itself is also very easy, you only need to add up the values โ€‹โ€‹of the 3 cards in your hand. In addition to card calculations that are very easy, how to play is also not complicated. So how to play it? Here is the *** Guide to Playing Super Ten for Beginners.

How to Play Super Ten Poker

For how to play it is quite simple and uncomplicated where agen super10 bettors will be given 3 cards to play, but the cards are not given directly but there are some provisions first as we will discuss below:

Before the match starts, the players are required to make a bet/betting so that the match can start.
After making a bet, the bettor will be given two cards to continue the match which will start from the dealer button position in a clockwise direction.

If the card has been obtained, then the next step is to choose what action to take such as check, raise, bet, fold or all-in.

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If only 1 player remains who does not fold, then that player will win immediately and will not be distributed uke โ€“ 3 cards again. However, if 2 players remain who do not fold, a 3rd card will be dealt and the game will continue to the next round.

In this round, players will also be given the opportunity to check, raise, bet, fold or go all-in.
After making a bet, the last round is the round where the bettor’s cards are contested or you could say the show down round where the player with the highest card combination will be the winner.

How to play is quite simple right? And certainly also not to make the players confused. After understanding how to play it, you are also required to know what card combinations are in this type of online gambling.

Super Ten Poker Card Combination

The card combination itself is also much different from the Texas Hold’em game slot online terbaik game, if in the Texas Hold’em Poker game the combination of cards must be a combination of 2 hole cards and 3 community cards, but in [Super Ten Poker] ‘Super Ten’) you only need to make a combination of the 3 hole cards owned so that it will be easier for beginners to play. If the number of cards consists of 2 digits, then the last digit will be taken to be used as the value and for the level of value consisting of K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and US. For KQJ cards it is counted as 10 when added up while 10-US is calculated according to the number.


Here are some card combinations from highest to lowest value:

Those are the combinations of cards in the Super Ten game from the highest to the lowest. We hope that this article can help those of you who want to try this type of poker game for the first time and if you are looking for a site that provides this super ten game, then choose our site, Activepoker because our site always provides members with comfort in playing.

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