Forms of Cheating That Are In The Indonesian Domino Game


Playing Indonesian dominoes is certainly one of the most fun and profitable activities to do. This activity is indeed being loved by many Indonesian people. One of the reasons why daftar domino qiu qiu this activity is very popular with the people of Indonesia is because of the ease in playing this activity.

But unfortunately our fun while playing must be interrupted because sometimes there are players who are not honest to be able to win. Where the method used is considered very fraudulent and unfair to the opponent.

Of course, players who play using the cheat daftar qqpoker99 method have a higher chance of winning because they play in an unusual way. In fact, if this cheating way of playing lowers the spirit of sportsmanship when playing.

On this occasion, we will share with you what exactly is the fraud committed by the related parties. We hope that after you read this article, you can avoid the related elements so that you can play in peace. Here is the cheating.

Cheating in the Indonesian Domino Game

Here we will share with you what types of cheating you might encounter when playing the Indonesian domino game. The best attitude you should take when you find an incident like this is to report it. Here are the frauds, namely:

Robot Player

The first form of cheating from playing activities in the first Indonesian online domino game is a robot player. This is a form of cheating that is often found by bettors when playing. Usually this form of cheating arises from the actions of fake online gambling agents.

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So the role of this fake online gambling agent will later try to make a robot player who will be able to play against members. With this system, it will be programmed to always be able to win from the players. Of course this is very detrimental to the players because they must be very difficult to win against robots that have been set.

Our advice is to play on servers that have been proven to be safe, such as PKV servers or IDN servers because they are more secure. Because in these 2 servers there can be no such thing as a robot.

Team play

The next cheat you will encounter when playing this one bet is that you will find people who play as a team. Maybe this one thing will look okay to you, but actually this is very detrimental to players outside of the team. These losses arise because you as a player outside of the team will definitely guess the cards you have.

Cards owned by other players outside of the team can be guessed because players who play a team will usually count cards. The card counting method is one method that is actually prohibited in the domino game.

Players who can do this method will certainly benefit greatly because they can know the opponent’s cards so they can place high bets because they know their opponent’s cards.

Chip Transfer

The last form of cheating that you will definitely encounter when playing this bet is chip transfer. This may seem and seem far from cheating, but this is actually a serious offence.

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So usually this act of cheating will be carried out by players who know the userid or account password belonging to their friend or someone else. When they know these two things, they will usually transfer other people’s chips to their own account. Of course this is very detrimental to account owners because they lose their chips even though they are not playing.

That’s the violation that most often occurs in domino games that we often encounter, you should as a good player never do that.

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