Earn Millions of Rupiah Every Day from Playing Ceme Online

Online ceme games have been very popular for hundreds of years. This game that uses dominoes as a playing tool comes from China. The ceme game is a gambling game with dewa judi poker the most popular dominoes. From the beginning of the creation of this game, this game spread very quickly throughout the world and became a famous gambling game.


The creation of online ceme games makes bettors very happy because this game dewa qiu qiu brings enormous profits. To be able to play ceme online, bettors can casually play it anytime and anywhere. Online ceme games have a very interesting advantage. An example is, this game can be played starting from a small capital so that anyone can win this game.


Ceme Online game consists of a maximum of 8 people. Even these 8 people consist of 1 dealer and 7 players. You are free to choose whether you want to be a player or want to be a ceme dealer. When the game starts, each player and dealer will get 2 dominoes. You have to add up the cards. The highest card value in the Ceme Online game is 9.

Ceme Card Calculation

– You get cards 2|4 and 1|2, your card value is “9”.
– You get cards 3|6 and 4|4, your card value is 15 which means “5”.
– You get cards 4|3 and 2|1, your card value is 10 slot depo via pulsa which means “0”.
– You get cards 6|6 and 0|2, your card value is 14 which means “4”.
– You get cards 0|0 and 1|2, your card value is “3”.

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Online ceme dealers are one of the choices that can be taken by players in playing online ceme. Being a ceme dealer means you fight 7 other people. If your card is higher than all players, then you will get the same win according to the value of the bet placed by each player. The concept of becoming an online ceme dealer is very easy. You just need to get a card that is of higher value than other players.

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