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Nowadays, various games are offered on online sites, ranging from simple games to those that drain energy and mind. Some of the games judi online or online games that are offered, are used as fields to reap the coffers of rupiah for online gambling connoisseurs. They began to access online gambling with various games and advantages. Placing a bet on a game of course requires strong determination, because it is possible for someone to leave the gambling table with bad luck and leave no money at all.

Some of the most popular gambling games are increasingly sbobet deposit pulsa enlivening the virtual world, one of which attracts attention is the dice game. For those of you who like to explore the world of gambling, of course you are quite familiar with this one game. The dice game is considered one of the most exciting games to play because it doesn’t take long for someone to know the results.

But make sure you choose a gambling site that is safe and reliable. Nowadays online bookies are scattered on the internet, often making online gambling fans confused. Find out more about the online gambling sites you visit.


This time we will discuss more deeply about the dice game that is so popular among online gambling lovers. Dice game is not really a new game, it has been around for a long time all over the world. It’s not clear where the dice game originally came from, who invented it, but what is certain is that the great nations of the world, such as China, Rome, and other great nations have been familiar with the dice game which is growing to this day.

Types of dice games

Sicbo dice game

This type of dice game is the choice of many people, because it is considered very fun to play. How to Play Sicbo Dice is very easy, but in playing Sicbo dice there are some tips for playing it so you can win.

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The Sicbo dice game is also known as the odd-even dice game, or the big and small dice game. Some even call it the Tasiau game. If you are interested in playing this game, you must be careful in choosing an online gambling site, so that you can play Sicbo dice comfortably.

Koprok Dice Game

If you pay attention, there is not much difference between Sicbo and Koprok dice. The only difference is the size of the dice or the image on the dice used. Usually the name for this Koprok game is, the village koprok game, where pictures of animals, and fruit, and others, for example, elephants, crabs, siolo (bottle saucers), apples, spiders and birds are usually called.

Nowadays, this type of Koprok game is rarely found. Especially with the development of the internet, people prefer instant games that are easier and earn more.

For those of you who want to try this game, there are several things that need  Slot Online Uang Asli to be considered so that the game becomes easier. You become more focused on the game, so you can win every round of the game. Actually, in any type of game, never put high hopes on a win, meaning that you have to focus on the course of the match or game. Understanding how to play is much better than calculating every number you can pocket later. Too focused on results will make you not focus on a game.

Make sure you have an online gambling account and are officially registered as a member. Make sure not to use other people’s accounts when playing gambling, because this could end up endangering yourself.

  • You must have a calculation regarding the initial capital in the match. If you play in big bets, you will also get big profits if you win.
  • Before starting to play, you will definitely be asked to give some money to be submitted as a bet later, determine the capital to be used first so that it does not exceed the predetermined budget.
  • Choose an opponent who does not exceed your ability to play dice. When you are dealing with someone who is an expert in this game, don’t expect the money to come back, it can even be overdrawn. The chances of winning all online gambling players are the same, but if you have a lot of experience it will certainly be a great opportunity to win. So knowing your opponent before playing is very important.
  • Do many strategies in playing. Because if people can easily guess how you play, then bad luck awaits. Playing carefully and smartly will bring you big profits.In order not to experience losses, there are several tricks so that you can win gambling or online dice games. Here’s how as reported from various sources.
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Don’t place bets on the same number
Keep in mind, luck will not always be on your side. In any game, it will be the same. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution for it. Never force yourself to keep playing when your eyes and mind get tired. Try to take a short break.

If you want to be fresh, you can try several other types of bets, such as Baccarat, Roulette, Slots, and others. Surely this can change your bad luck while playing the game. While thinking about what strategy you will use in the next dice game.

It’s big or small bet
As explained above, big or small is a type of Sicbo dice game. When you choose small, it turns out that the number below 10 comes out, then you come out as a winner. Vice versa, when you choose big, and the number that comes out exceeds 10, then victory is on your side.

Avoid the Sicbo Triple dice bet type
According to information obtained from worldgambling.getenjoyment.net, the bet with the longest odds is a triple bet. You have to stick to the same number, on each of the dice that has been rolled. You will get a payout ratio of 180 for every 1 you bet, it will be a big fortune if you win it.

where you have to bet on the same number on each dice after it has been rolled. You’ll get a payout ratio of 180 for every 1 you bet, which sounds fantastic and will be great if you’re lucky.

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However, there is a reason why people avoid these gambles, even professional games. This is because in many cases, the bet money placed for this type will just be wasted.

Enjoy the game
The thing you need to observe in this game is to observe the repetition of numbers. Then just find the rhythm of the repetition of these numbers. You need to record the history of the numbers that have come out, the more precise the numbers that you will place as bets will be.

In closing, you can also play other gambling games such as soccer betting at the best soccer gambling agents or other bookies. You can find a list of soccer bookies at soccer betting bookies

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