Combination of Cards and Tips for Playing Capsa Susun Online

There are many gambling games that can be played by people in Indonesia, especially in online gambling. Of course, online gambling games are very popular with existing gambling connoisseurs. Gambling qq dewa poker online during the social distancing period is also one of the fun activities to fill your bored time at home because you can’t go anywhere. If you are a capsa stacking lover, then you don’t have to worry about friends to play or places to play. IDN Poker online has provided online capsa products for us to play.

Capsa Online and its terms

For those who don’t know, capsa is a game that uses playing cards situs judi gaple susun as a medium to play. It is called capsa because when playing, each player holds 13 cards which are arranged in 3 levels, starting with the largest at the bottom, middle and then up. Capsa or 13 is known as Chinese poker, because it uses poker combinations in it, namely:

Pair: A combination of 2 of the same card.

3 Of A Kind : 3 of the same card.

4 Of A Kind : 4 of the same card.

Straight: A combination of cards that are consecutive but not of the same suit.

Flush: A combination of cards with the same flower and color but not in sequence.
Full House: This card arrangement is a combination of 3 Of A Kind and Pair.
Straight Flush: A combination of cards that have the same color and flower in sequence.
Royal Flush: The same card combination as a straight flush only the difference is this is the highest level of 10, J, Q, K, A.

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As for some additional terms in playing capsa, namely the term “stuff” or in other words getting a special card. Some of the “stuff” cards include:

Royal Dragon / Royal Dragon

The cards are combined from A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K with different flowers and for Royal the flowers are the same. This highest combination is impossible to beat again by other players, especially if the flower is a spade flower in the order of the highest flower. This royal card is also usually called capsa taipo.


Combinations of consecutive cards from A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K with judi slot bet murah different flowers and colors. This combination is also usually referred to as capsa.

Double Full House ( Polo – Polo )

As the name implies, the privilege of this card is in the middle level which has the same Full House arrangement as the lower level. In this arrangement the higher Full House card must be at the bottom.

Top 3 Of A Kind (Tris Top)

The specialty of this card lies in the top level which is only filled by 3 cards. Now this condition is called special when the 3 cards above are 3 twin cards. In this condition, if there are also the same 3 cards at the top level, then what is pitted is the value.

Tricks in Combining Capsa Cards

In playing capsa, luck is not enough if needed to win the game. Strategy as well as expertise in managing card combinations is very necessary. Because in the capsa game, every level of the card, both bottom, middle, and top, are all competed in it to determine the winner of each game. Here are some tips for playing to win in online capsa stacking:

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Placing a high Pair at the top card level, if you have Pair A then it’s a good thing if you can place the Pair at the top level because you are less likely to lose in the top tier fight. This condition must be supported by a good bottom and middle arrangement.

Proper placement of Pair cards, meaning when you only have a 5-card arrangement for lower-level cards and you have 2 pairs of pairs, then you can set them according to the feeling and structure of the Pair you have If your Pair is quite high, arrange it into 1 Pair each at the middle and upper levels.

Placement of card A at the top level. In conditions where you don’t have a Pair to place on top, then card A can represent your card in complaining later.4 Pair Card, when you have a 4 Pair card you have 2 choices, with a level arrangement of 2 lower pairs and 2 middle pairs, then the top is left empty or 2 bottom pairs, 1 middle pair, and 1 top pair. The composition of this 2-2-0 or 2-1-1 must be decided by yourself according to the feeling and condition of the card according to your predictions.

The capsa game itself does not use the Joker card in playing. There is a condition in some games called capsa banting, card 2 is the highest card more than card A. However, at this time this type has not been played online. Always remember to play on the IDN Poker site that provides online capsa products in it. Those are the tips for playing capsa online that the admin has provided in full. Hopefully it is useful and you can win a lot on online poker gambling sites that provide online capsa such as IDN Poker, Poker V, Asia 8 Poker, P2Play Poker. Good luck.

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