Hello Everyone is back again with mimin. On this occasion, the admin will discuss the main reason we lose playing online gambling. Has it ever crossed our minds the reason why we can lose Situs Daftar Judi Sbobet and keep playing online gambling and never win?. There are millions of deposits and there are even Uncle Aunts who have lost hundreds of millions?. Now for Uncle Auntie, all those who are curious about the reason why, let’s discuss it and make it a lesson for all of us.


Yes, that’s right, the ego is our biggest enemy when playing gambling. This sense Daftar Agen Judi Sbobet of not wanting to lose is what makes us lose in playing gambling. Sometimes we don’t realize that we are already playing in the palms of other members. Examples of small things when we are challenged to do All in where other members do All in. it is wrong if we follow our opponent’s game. We are sometimes complacent and selfish and then join us in doing All-in even though we already know that our cards are bad and not good.


Emotion is one of the human souls that will never and can be lost from us. The problems that we face in life are sometimes expressed in playing online gambling. Did you know that the emotions you are experiencing right now can affect your playing patterns? Without us knowing it we continue to make deposits without stopping because our common sense no longer works normally because of our emotions. So don’t get carried away with emotions, uncle, aunt.

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Well, in a drunken state, whether drunk with alcohol or drunk on drugs. With a calm mind we hope to win big. STOP IT!!! Stop all that. Uncle Aunt will never win if you play drunk. A small example of uncle aunt is taking sedative drugs in the hope of winning big when playing in a calm state. Well, it will only bring Uncle Auntie to a worse situation. The right thing is that we have to play in normal circumstances without the slightest disturbance in our common sense minds.


Ok, auntie, I’m sure you often play online gambling games while driving or sitting on the passenger bench while betting on their respective cellphones. Isn’t it fun? while in traffic jams, we casually continue to play online gambling. So what’s the win? no, uncle aunty all will lose because uncle aunty is not all focused on the game.


There are times when we feel our luck coming to us. An example of a small thing just made a 1 million DEPOSIT, played only 30 minutes and then our chips rose to 10 million. With joy we continue to play and hope to do a WITHDRAW when our chips are 20 million. Please Om aunty don’t ever think like this. no matter how much it wins and no matter how lucky we are, this is not the way to play the game, uncle aunty. We still have to think rationally and make a withdrawal if we have won past our deposit limit. A small example of uncle tante Deposit of 500 thousand, then winning becomes 800 thousand. It would be nice for Uncle Auntie to withdraw all 500 thousand first without having to play it all hoping for a bigger win. Take the main capital before continuing to play.



Is the word GREETING too direct and outspoken for all of Uncle Aunts? Yes, for judi slot terbaru some people it may sound rude and frontal, but Mimin here is trying to explain to uncle all the reasons why we lose playing online gambling. Om aunty all kind, let’s not expect too high in a victory. Deposit 100 thousand and hope to win hundreds of millions? WHAT??? That won’t happen, Auntie, even if it does, it’s only for people who are really lucky. If you really want to win hundreds of millions, then at least uncle aunty must also have tens of millions of capital. If the capital is hundreds of thousands, you win millions. Don’t let greed become a black cloud for our common sense.


the network that we have must be qualified. For some people this may not have an effect, but do you all realize that if our internet signal is slow, most of us often leave the table and that can be one of the reasons we lose.


For aunties who have small capital or maybe just playing for fun, it’s better to play casually. What do you mean ? Ok, let me give you the logic. Om aunty plays small but doesn’t want to stop and plays continuously. Uncle aunty should be able to make sure all of uncle’s pockets and savings, if uncle aunty all really intends to spend 2 million, it’s better to deposit 500 thousand 4 times after that it stops. Sometimes we do not realize that our capital is limited and want to play continuously. So if you have small capital, it’s better to play at a small table, and big capital to play at a big table.

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Om aunt glorified by mimin. Please stop when uncle aunty has won enough. Sometimes we have won and want to keep playing until our initial capital has run out. It’s not that you’re not forbidding all of you, but if you’re not ready to lose, it’s better if you all stop. Unlike the boss, the boss who does play gambling for satisfaction and service and different from the uncle, who really just wants to find entertainment.

Ok, talking about satisfaction and service, have you ever played online gambling and was treated like a king and queen? Fast response chat, friendly customer service, not pushy to ask for contact info like WA etc. Deposit process under 1 or 2 minutes and withdrawal process under 5 minutes? Never ?

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